From Woodbury, CT to Dubai – In Search of Carpets on the Silk Road

Karen Reddington-Hughes of Abrash Galleries , Woodbury, Ct has been asked to be part of a USAID/ABADE (Assistance In Building Afghanistan By Developing Enterprises) program that will meet in Dubai to facilitate business relations with Afghan carpet producers. It is a 3 day event and the purpose is to improve Afghanistan’s economic and political stability through the development of its most important sector- while connecting directly with their best carpet producers. The event takes place from Sept 10-13th.

Afghanistan is a country that has been known for its beautiful hand knotted rugs replete with designs that at times tell their stories. The weavers are many times women that are working on looms in their own homes and the rugs may take as long as 8 months to complete. Once the piece is completed though the journey often just begins. There are very few finishing facilities in Afghanistan to shear the wool and wash the rug to ready it for sale. The rugs are trucked to Pakistan where they are then finished and a “Made in Pakistan “ label affixed to a rug that was actually created in Afghanistan. The weavers are paid a significantly reduced price for this unfinished piece. Finding a more direct route for Afghan rugs would most assuredly benefit all concerned.

“The native motifs and patterns tell the history of the country and provide a snapshot of the grit and determination of its people. It is with much enthusiasm that I go forward to meet with the suppliers of such treasures. I have always marveled that the weaver- like an artist , knows at the beginning of their creation that they will then let it go once completed. What a beautiful gift to us all!”

It is Karen’s hope that she can bring back some of these original designs that have defined the people of Afghanistan and share them with her customers and friends.

Abrash Gallerie’s hours will be from 1pm – 5pm from September 9-20th.
Closed on Mondays.

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Abrash Galleries
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