Rug Washing

Dirt and grit are first removed from the rugs and then they are submerged in a pool of water and soap where they are scrubbed clean. From that pool they are transferred to another of purified water where they are rinsed and then ready to be air dried. The washing process restores the color and luster to your pieces and helps to prevent the foundation from drying out.

Rug Restoration

Our expert weavers repair the overcasting (the hand knotting that secures the fringe) and the binding ( the hand stitching that secures the sides ). If there are worn areas in your rug these can be rewoven or in some cases a kashmir knot can be used.

Rug Appraisals

Rug appraisals for insurance purposes . Rugs are identified- country of origin, estimated year of creation, condition, estimated current market value, size and construction.

Rug Cushions

DuraHold No-Muv rug cushion is a custom cut underlayment for oriental rugs and hand made rugs. It is made from reclaimed wool fibers on the top side and a natural rubber backing that will not leave any marks of your hardwood flooring. This cushion comes complete with a 10 year warrantee against any manufacturers defects.
Wedlock rug cushion is used for rugs that are being put on top of wall to wall carpet. It is a double sided sticky cushion that prevents the rugs from moving.

Rug Lectures

Talks on oriental rugs and the stories that they tell can be arranged for groups. These may be at the gallery or on site at other locations. Karen has given these presentations at college campuses, museums and retirement communities, as well as at meetings non-profit organizations.

Design Services

Karen will come to your home , measure and photograph rooms to ensure that the rug selections that are being presented to you are compatible with your lifestyle and personal design sense.