Decorating with Repurposed Antiques

As design trends change some people will opt to go out with the old and in with the new. Others will see opportunity that exists with what they already own. An antique suitcase that sat nicely stacked as an accent may be transformed into a stylish coffee table once it is set upon a low wood platform. Old chalk boards can be tastefully hung in a kitchen to add both character and a useful canvas to put up reminders .
Vintage seltzer glass bottles area beautiful sun catchers positioned in the right spot and old copper buckets and tubs are fabulous ice buckets to showcase the white wines at a dinner party.

Residing at flea markets and thrift shops are treasure troves of objects just waiting for your imagination as far as repurposing is concerned. A worn out kilim rug can be reclaimed to reupholster a stool or a seat cushion or be made into a pillow.

Antique faience jugs are ideal to make into lamps especially of there are cracks and other imperfections that would make them less useful for their original purpose. Even old cookie jars can make some great lamps especially for a childʼs room.

Old wooden tool carriers can do double duty as magazine storage and decorative old doors can be transformed into tables that are quite the conversation piece. With a little paint and elbow grease a battered piece of furnishing can become both useful and stylish.

Repurposing can be seen as away of melding creativity and environmentally responsible shopping. It is a fantastic way of recycling a piece of history!

The next time you are antiquing keep this in mind.

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Oriental Rug Buying 101

So, you are looking for an oriental rug and the vast array of possibilities are making your head spin. The first thing that I recommend is to do a little research. Treat this purchase as though you are buying a car- although I will let you in on a scary little fact- you will most likely own the rug a long time after you have replaced many of your cars.

Your room should be built from the ground up. The rug is technically the foundation of the room, so it is important to keep in mind a variety of colors will later offer a variety of design possibilities. If you select a single color tone than make sure it is one that you can live with, as your decorating style may evolve.

Finding a rug to coordinate with fabrics that are already there is much more difficult than selecting a rug and then choosing fabrics- fabric samples are much lighter to carry around than rugs! So if you can find a rug first that is much easier.

Identifying whether of not you like a geometric design or a curvy floral design will further narrow your search. Geometric designs can be paired with both traditional and modern furnishings, where the floral pieces tend to be a little more formal. Also important is whether you prefer an overall design where the pattern repeats itself or a center medallion. The center medallion creates a lovely statement but not if the fireplace is off center and it cannot be positioned in the room correctly.

Hand knotted wool rugs will offer you the best quality and longevity. The wool is vegetable dyed and then hand knotted on a loom to create the design. When the rug is turned over the knots are clearly visible. This technique produces a very sturdy piece that can take a lot of wear and tear and will consistently clean well. These pieces come from a variety of countries- Iran, India, Turkey, Romania, Morocco, China, just to list a few. The rug name is usually linked to the village that it was woven in. A Persian Heriz for example is a Persian hand knotted rug that was created in the village of Heriz.

If you can identify the type of rug that you like then you can put a little research into the piece. Tabriz, Heriz, Sarouk, Kilim, – treat the names of the rugs as if they were different types of automobiles when you were looking for a car. Just like “test driving” an auto you should be able to do the same for a rug. Any reputable dealer will let you bring the rug home before you make the purchase to see if it works in the lighting that exists in the space you intend it for.

Take the measurements of your room and the space that you wish to cover before you begin your rug quest. If you are having trouble visualizing what the rug will look like in the room , cover the intended space with newspaper to get the correct dimensions.

With a little bit of knowledge and patience you are destined to find that magic carpet.